Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Electric Picnic Checklist

For those of you fortunate enough to be heading off to Ireland's biggest music festival this weekend, I thought I would write up a quick checklist/survival kit to help you all with your packing. 
These essentials have been derived from my experience of 'The Picnic' last year and I will be eagerly re-packing them all tomorrow to do it all over again this year!

1. Tickets & Money. (Most importantly)
2. Rucksack, Tent, Sleeping bag, Camping mat, torch.
3. Phone & Camera (Fully charged)
4. Clothes for all seasons.(It is Ireland after all!)
5. Wellies & Knee-high socks.
6. Raincoat & scarf.
7. Hat & Sunglasses/suncream
8. (Girls)~ MakeUp, face wipes, toothbrush/paste & dry shampoo.
9. Neurofen & plasters. (Just incase!)
10.Snacks & Alcohol! (No glass) (Coolbox optional)

* Very important to bring a care free attitude & sense of humour as the festival is jam-packed with random fun-filled & mucky moments! :-)

The most important thing to remember when going to any camping festival is not to take anything you can't afford to loose ~the less you have,the less you have to worry about! 
If you do happen to forget something it's not the end of the world, the campsite is well kitted out with shops, food/clothes stalls, ATMs and phone-charging stations.

Wishing you all a brilliant & safe weekend!

Leah x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Platinum to Ombre!

Sporting platinum blonde hair for almost 10 years now, I recently decided it was time to give my poor hair a break from the bleach & choose something a little different to change up my look.
Having become so attached to my blonde locks over the last decade, I just couldn't face saying goodbye to them for good so after scanning through numerous hair magazines~ I finally decided to opt for a brown/blonde ombre blend.
The Ombre style has been a huge trend in the world of hair lately and rightly so given the many advantages over a Platinum Blonde:

-A much softer look.
-Lower maintenance having no obvious roots every few weeks! 
-It compliments darker eyebrows & features.
-You can go a shade darker with your tan/makeup.
-Less damage to the hair.
-With a 2-tone colour you can change up your look using different hairstyles to excentuate either the brown or blonde colour.

                            Before & After photo
Left: Before (Platinum) Right: After (Ombre)

I booked into RoCo Hair, a prestigious hair salon in the heart of Derry city. 
It boasts chic & stylish interior with a relaxed vibe. Their client care & skills are excellent. I would highly recommend the salon.

(Looking nervous pre-application & pre-coffee haha)
*The salon provides a complimentary hot drinks & fair trade treats menu which is a lovely addition to your treatment.

                      -The finished result!

*Considering I was quite hesitant about the change, I am pleasantly suprised with the end result. 
I feel it is a more natural look and better suited to my skin tone & features. 
I may need to have the brown section done a few more times due to it washing out prematurely with my hair being so blonde, but I'm pretty confident the ombre is here to stay~at least for the winter months!

Thanks @ RoCo Hair.

Have you braved the ombre trend?