Friday, 24 January 2014


Look no further ladies, there is an easy and organised solution!

                              HOW TO DEPOT YOUR EYESHADOWS!

*What you will need: 

1.Hair Straighteners 
2.A sharp Knife
5.Empty Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

Step 1. 

Take your eyeshadow pot and push a sharp knife into the middle of the pot and push upwards.
The eyeshadow pan should pop out easily 
(Be careful doing this step, we dont want any injured fingers!)

Step 2.

Turn your straightener on to 200degrees and place a square of tinfoil on the plate with your eyeshadow pan ontop for approximately 2mins.

Step 3.

Lift the eyeshadow pot off the straighteners with some tweezers and flip it around. 
(the plastic pan will have melted somewhat at this stage) 
Holding the pot with your index finger and thumb and with your other hand pushing your Knife up through the melted plastic until the metal pan falls out. 
(Again be cautious with this step as the metal pan will be hot) 

Step 4.

Once the pan has cooled down place in your palette and Viola- A stress-free organised palette with all your favourite eyeshadows! 
(This is my finished result, as you can see I've hit pan on my favourites which will soon need replaced hehe) 

(Palette is from Z

*This is demonstrated using MAC Eyeshadow pots, although this method does work with most eyeshadow pots. 

**Remember to keep your empty MAC containers to take back to your nearest MAC counter in exchange for a free Lipstick of your choice.
6 empties= 1 Lipstick. What's not to love! 

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