Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Benefit Beams!


Being a massive fan of highlighters, I have tried and tested many brands, these Benefit Beams are my top pick for liquid highlighters. They are very light-weight, easy to use and give a beautiful natural glow to the cheekbones. 
They come in a 13ml bottle and last forever-I have mine for well over a year now and still have loads left! 

High Beam:

High Beam is probably the most popular of the beam family and is an irredecent pink liquid highlight which gives a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin. 
This works well on all skin types and is more sheer than shimmery and find it's the most natural of the 3, great for everyday use. (As you can see I use it a lot!)

Sun Beam

Sunshine in a bottle! This golden bronze highlight gives a luminous sun kissed shimmer to the cheeks. It is best suited to medium skin tones or during the summer whilst you have a tan.

Moon Beam:

Moon beam is very similiar to High beam except is has a yellow based apricot tone. Also where the High beam gives quite a pastel sheer glow, this gives a more warm peachy glow to the skin. This again is suitable for all skin tones.

*All the Beams come in a Nail polish type bottle with a brush applicator attached.
Use after foundation but before powder, just apply 2 or 3 dots along the top of the cheekbones, under the brow bone & Cupid's bow. Blend in with fingers using a tapping motion.

TIP: For a more dramatic evening highlight, use a same toned powdered highlighter ontop of where you placed the liquid!

Happy Highlighting! :) 

Leah x 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


With Valentines day just around the corner, I thought I would do a quick post to show a few of my MakeUp ideas. 
Whether your a loved-up lily or a single pringle, we all like to feel good about ourselves even if it is one of the most controversial holidays of the year.. Any excuse eh ladies hehe! 

                              Soft Romantic
A soft and delicate look! A flawless foundation base with subtle contouring teamed with a soft ivory & brown cut-crease smokey eye, plenty of mascara and a matte berry lip.

                                   Fun & Flirty
A bright & bubbly look! A dewy foundation base with strong contouring & highlighting, subtle lilac shadow with winged liner and a fuschia pink lip.

                           Sultry Seductive 
And last but not least for the more daring- A sensual & alluring look!
A flawless foundation base with soft coral blush, strong arched eyebrows teamed with dark rusty gold shadow to frame the eyes. Finished with false lashes & a deep plum lip.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and maybe even give one a go.. 

Whatever you get up to this Valentines, have a great day! 

Leah :) x 



Monday, 3 February 2014


Hey guys,

I thought I would do a quick post and share some examples of my work with you all.
Below is a random mix of Occasion/Evening, High Fashion & Special Effects Looks I have created :)



Which is your favourite Look? 

Leah x

Saturday, 1 February 2014


It goes without saying that beautiful healthy skin stems from the inside out, therefore eating a well balanced diet with lots of fruit & vegetables and drinking bucket loads of H2O is key to a glowing complexion!
However due to circumstantial factors beyond our control such as hormones, weather, stress etc we can always benefit from a helping hand-Hoorah for skincare products!!!

Below are some products from my current skincare routine (I tend chop & change brands regulary as I love trialing different products)
*Bare in mind some of these may not be suitable for all skin types- 
(I generally have normal/sensitive skin.)


Wearing Makeup almost everyday as part of my job, a good MakeUp Remover is a key element to my skincare routine. 
Bioderma is by far the best one I have come across to date and is suitable for All skin types! It has the consistency of water, is fragrance-free and is very gentle on the skin & eyes. 
Just apply to a cotton pad and your Makeup wipes away like a dream! This is a permanent fixture in my skin care collection and I will repurchase forever more amen.
It is very cost effective considering a 250ml (approx €20) should last around 3months with everyday use.

ROC SKINCARE (CHRISTMAS SET): Cleanser, Toner, Scrub & Moisturiser

I am really enjoying everything from this set so far and use them in the morning and at night. (I only use the scrub twice a week)
They are all really gentle on the skin and do their job effectively. They are suitable for All skin types and as they are drugstore products are all reasoably priced.
*I have to say I find the HYDRA+ Nourishing cream a little too rich for my skin (more suited to a dry skin type) I would probably replace this with the HYDRA+ fluid next time which is quite light weight and more suited to a normal skin type.


Feeling Lazy?! Definately not recommended for daily use but we all need that quick fix now and again, whether it be after a long day at work or returning home from a night out (slightly intoxicated)-
These Simple face wipes are my go-to quick fix! Enriched with vitamins they are kind to the skin and effectively remove Makeup whilst leaving the skin feeling hydrated. €4.99


Having pretty sensitive eyes I find this eye balm very soothing and cooling on the skin.
It contains multi-vitamins and is great for relieving tired eyes. 
I do suffer from quite dark under eye circles *panda eyes :( * and I find this doesnt eliminate the problem completely but it does reduce it somewhat-After only a few days of use my under eye skin was definately brighter and more hydrated. A great base for concealer and a good bargain product at only €4.99.


These creamy clay drugstore face masks are a steal at only €1.99!
They are an absolute treat for the skin- Apply to a cleansed wet face then sit back & enjoy its self-heating and aromatic properties.
They come in a luxurious selection of Hot Chocolate, Fudge, Red Hot Earth & Dragon Fruit. (Mmmm) 
Skin feels thoroughly cleansed and nourished afterwards.
Enjoy 1-2 times a week for 15mins, remove with a warm face cloth, then tone & moisturise as normal.
Caution: Although they sound delicious, I advise you to refrain from licking them off your face! Hehe :)


Being a Lipstick fanatic and wearing it almost everyday, my lips tend to get very dry. CARMEX is a lifesaver! It soothes, hydrates and protects. It promptly restores chapped/cracked lips to their former kissable glory and contains a promising SPF 15. 
I personally find it works much better than Vaseline or any other lip balms I've tried and is just a small investment of €3.99

What are some of your current skincare products? 

Leah x