Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Platinum to Ombre!

Sporting platinum blonde hair for almost 10 years now, I recently decided it was time to give my poor hair a break from the bleach & choose something a little different to change up my look.
Having become so attached to my blonde locks over the last decade, I just couldn't face saying goodbye to them for good so after scanning through numerous hair magazines~ I finally decided to opt for a brown/blonde ombre blend.
The Ombre style has been a huge trend in the world of hair lately and rightly so given the many advantages over a Platinum Blonde:

-A much softer look.
-Lower maintenance having no obvious roots every few weeks! 
-It compliments darker eyebrows & features.
-You can go a shade darker with your tan/makeup.
-Less damage to the hair.
-With a 2-tone colour you can change up your look using different hairstyles to excentuate either the brown or blonde colour.

                            Before & After photo
Left: Before (Platinum) Right: After (Ombre)

I booked into RoCo Hair, a prestigious hair salon in the heart of Derry city. 
It boasts chic & stylish interior with a relaxed vibe. Their client care & skills are excellent. I would highly recommend the salon.

(Looking nervous pre-application & pre-coffee haha)
*The salon provides a complimentary hot drinks & fair trade treats menu which is a lovely addition to your treatment.

                      -The finished result!

*Considering I was quite hesitant about the change, I am pleasantly suprised with the end result. 
I feel it is a more natural look and better suited to my skin tone & features. 
I may need to have the brown section done a few more times due to it washing out prematurely with my hair being so blonde, but I'm pretty confident the ombre is here to stay~at least for the winter months!

Thanks @ RoCo Hair.

Have you braved the ombre trend?


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