Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My MakeUp & Brush Storage Set-Up

Having an abundance of MakeUp can often lead to a mass of clutter on your dressing table and leave you struggling to find your go-to products in a hurry. 
There's alot to be said for an organised stress-free MakeUp set-up so I thought I would do a quick post on how I store my own personal MakeUp & Brushes & hopefully give you some ideas's!

                                            My Personal MakeUp Station 

                                         Muji Drawers

I purchased these acrylic drawers above are from Muji Online and are a duplicate for the significantly more expensive *Clear Cube*. They have a 5 drawer, a 3 drawer and a 2 drawer to choose from. 
The 5 drawer & 2 drawer are quite shallow (perfect for Lipsticks/Eyeliners/Lipliners whereas the 2 drawer is slightly deeper allowing for bulkier products such as Foundations/Bronzers/Blushers. 
The added bonus is that they are see through allowing you to see straight away where everything is!

                                        Aycrilic Lipstick Holder

I purchased this acrylic lipstick storage holder from Amazon which holds 12 Lipsticks and also 3/4 bottled products. I use this to keep my go-to lipsticks and everyday primers on display.

*In the top picture you will see I have stacked a Muji 3 drawer ontop of a 2 drawer and then the aycrilic lipstick holder ontop.

                                    MakeUp Forever Brush Holder Case

These brush holders from MakeUp Forever are ideal for storing all your favourite brushes. It has a wide capacity which allows for a significant amount of brushes and also has an interlocking clasp for closing to protect and keep your brushes sturdy while on the move-I've had mine for years!

                        DIY Brush Holders

For all you creative people out there, an alternative option to store and display your brushes, is to buy some plastic/glass jars and fill them halfway with some beads or dry rice (to give stability) and just pop your brushes in (as above)-Simple & budget friendly! 

I hope these tips were helpful :) 


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